Net Zero Strategy – Cocktail International Group Inc.

From Awareness To Action

Climate change means we all need to adapt how we live and do business if there is to be a sustainable world for future generations.

At Cocktail International Group Inc., we recognize not only the urgency of the immediate situation, but also the long-term systemic nature of the crisis. That is why we are making both a fundamental strategic shift now and a longer-term commitment to achieving future change.

This year marks a new chapter for our company. Our revised company strategy, in line with the Canadian Government, has NetZero at its heart. Our mission is ‘To drive sustainable growth and prosperity at the grass root level, and to enable the transition to a net zero economy, by introducing environment friendly practices across our businesses.’ This is mirrored in our new objective:

 ‘To support Canada’s transition to a net zero economy’.

 Steps to be undertaken by Cocktail to support the NetZero initiative

 Energy efficiency of business premises and equipment

  • Switchto green or renewable energy supplier
  • Purchase more energy-efficient office/ IT equipment
  • Installation smart  controls  (for  lighting,  heating or ventilation)
  • Installation more efficient  heating  or  ventilation system
  • Selecting an energy-efficient  building   (when  choosing  business  premises for future)

 Business vehicles, travel and employee commuting

  • Introduction of digital  meetings  as  an  alternative  to  face-to-face
  • Introduction of Web based solutions to our clients
  • Encouraging employees to invest in very-low-emissions business vehicles
  • Introduction of permanent  working  from home policies  (post-Covid-19)
  • Selection of lower-carbon business travel options
  • Encouraging lower-carbon  transport options for  employee  commuting

 Business supplies, products and services, packaging and waste 

  • Purchase lower-carbon goods or services (such as buying low-carbon office supplies)
  • Find lower-carbon delivery and  distribution solutions (such as deliveries by electricvehicles  or  bikes,  shared  shipping, reducing distribution  miles
  • Encouraging employees to opt for waste reduction, recycling methods
  • Taking relavant  emissions-reducing  actions  with suppliers,  customers  or  partners

NetZero 2030 – Roadmap To Zero Carbon Operations

 Cocktail has set a company target of Net Zero Carbon across all 3 Scopes by 2030. Due to the nature of our operations – we do not directly purchase energy or fuel – our Scope 1 & 2 emissions are already zero. We are therefore focusing our Net Zero Carbon Strategy on the  areas primarily within Scope 3.

Getting our industry to achieve Net Zero Carbon means everyone needs to work together for the common goal of saving our planet. We want to be at the center of the change that needs to happen, working with our customers and partners to shape the built environment for the better. We will work with our clients, consultants and supply chain to influence change within the design and specification of every project we are involved in.