Wanz Global Technology Expo

WANZ Global Technology Expo 2023
WANZ Global in collaboration with Cocktail International Group is taking practical steps to unite the global technology community to reimagine and advance the role of technology in building a safer and better future. Technology Expo 2023 at Silicon Valley will play host to some of the finest entrepreneurs, founders, innovators and business leaders and provide an ultimate platform to showcase their insights on building a sustainable future through technology. This global event creates a proximity to suppliers, customers, and cutting-edge research gives new businesses a competitive advantage. Participation in the event will also provide an opportunity to technology exporters to establish future businesses or expand their existing marketability in the highly lucrative North American region. Around 120 technology companies will be taking part in the event from Pakistan, the U.A.E., Malaysia and Canada.  Date will be announced closer to the event. Santa Clara Convention Center, CA